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光辉翠月 Imperial Jade
光辉翠月 Imperial Jade

光辉翠月 Imperial Jade

Mooncake x 4 Tea x 2 Premium Tea Set x1
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1. 月饼 x 4

  • 翡翠月 150g
  • 单黄纯莲蓉 150g
  • 桂花红枣月 150g
  • 经典伍仁 150g

2.特选香片 x2

3. 茶具







1. Mooncake

  • Golden Emerald
  • Pure Lotus With Yolk
  • Osmanthus Date
  • Mixed Nuts

2. Xiang Pian X 2

3. Premium Tea Set


Just this notice:

-The best consumption period for mooncakes is before 30/10/2023.

- The mooncakes in this package have been finalized and the flavor cannot be changed.

-Tea set styles may be changed due to stock availability.

- We will take good care of each package, but sometimes unpredictable and uncontrollable situations occur during the transportation process, resulting in slight bumps or scratches on the gift box. In this case, it will not be returned or replaced.