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羊奶粉 Goat Milk Powder
羊奶粉 Goat Milk Powder

羊奶粉 Goat Milk Powder

225g Clearance stock, product unpack from hamper Expiry date: 30/9/2024
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羊奶粉 Goat Milk Powder 225g

- 更少的 Alpha-S1-酪蛋白 Less Alpha-S1-Casein

- 蛋白质对身体的生长、发育和修复至关重要 Protein is essential for growth, development and repair of the body

- 不同的蛋白质和脂肪 Different proteins and fats

- 乳糖含量略低 Slightly lower in Lactose

- 充足的钙 Plenty of Calcium

- 血压友好 Blood pressure friendly

- 重要维生素的良好来源 A good source of key vitamins

- 自然降低胆固醇 Naturally lower in cholesterol

- 其他必需矿物质 Other essential Minerals

保质期 Expiry date: 30/9/2024



Keep in cool/room temperature and stay away from sunlight, moisture and outdoor.



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