Classic Ripe Pu Er Teabag

This product use fine and tender, sun-dried Yunnan (China) spring big tea leaves selected from the Menghai paleozoic tea plantation through traditional pile-fermentation to determine the quality of ripe tea. The teabags are processed with Taetea processing technology, unique recipes and world’s advanced teabag-making facilities. Manufacture Craft of Taetea Tea was selected into the “National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China”. Under the sterile condition, our product is additive-free, fully release each piece of tea polyphenols and vitamins necessary for human. Drink regularly for metabolize body fat; keep your digestive system running smoothly; reduce blood lipid level; inhibit the absorption and synthesis of cholesterol; anti-aging; cancer prevention; and balance body pH.

Tea characteristics: 
Aroma: Aged and sweet.
Taste: Mellow, rich, sweet, moist and smooth.

Brewing Guideline: 
Steep a packet of teabag with 350ml hot water in a cup for 2 minutes before drinking.
Sugar or milk can be added according to personal taste preferences.

Health Benefit: 
Weight loss; keep your digestive system running smoothly; reduce blood pressure; reduce bad cholesterol.