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九鼎香 陈年六堡    JDX Aged Liu Bao Tea
九鼎香 陈年六堡    JDX Aged Liu Bao Tea

九鼎香 陈年六堡 JDX Aged Liu Bao Tea

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冲泡方法:   先烫洗茶具,取出适量茶叶,一般6-8克为准,或依个人喜好而定量,再用沸腾的水冲泡饮用,
Liu Bao Tea is brought along to Malaysia by Chinese who work in mining field hundreds of years ago. Since then it acts as an important herbs for the miners to cool off after working long hours under the sun. The tea soup of Liu Bao Tea is reddish, and it has a mellow taste and fragrance to it. Moreover, the tea would taste even better as it aged longer. Aged Liu Bao Tea has a herb taste, along with taste of betel nut.   
Brewing Guide:First, heat the tea wares. Add in the suitable amount of tea, normally between 6 - 8g or according to personal preference. 
Next, use boiled water (95°C) to steep it for 20 to 30 seconds and it is ready to served.   
Keep the tea in cool/room temperature and stay away from sunlight, moisture and outdour.   
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