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飘逸杯   Easy Tea Maker
飘逸杯   Easy Tea Maker

飘逸杯 Easy Tea Maker

750 ml
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1. 同一杯组可使茶叶、茶汤分离,并自动过滤,改善浸泡过久,茶味苦涩的缺点。
2. 看得到茶汤,易於控制浓淡。
3. 同一杯组可同时泡茶、饮茶,不必另备茶海、杯子、滤网。
4. 泡茶速度快,适合居家待客,可同时招待十余位朋友,不会有冲泡不及之尴尬。
6. 便于旅游携带,只要带本茶组,样样可享爱饮茶之乐。(PC茶组,整组摔不破)。
7. 飘逸杯茶组不吸入异味,可保原茶香。
8. 清洗容易,掏茶渣相当方便,只要把内杯向下倾倒,茶渣就掉出来,再倒进清水摇一摇,再倒出来即清洁。
1. The same cup group can separate the tea leaves and the tea soup, and automatically filter them to improve the shortcomings of too long soaking and the bitter taste of the tea.
2. The tea soup can be seen, and the density is easy to control.
3. The same cup group can make tea and drink tea at the same time, no need to prepare tea sea, cup and strainer.
That is to say, the tea is saved, and the same amount of tea can produce twice as much tea as a traditional teapot.
4. The tea brewing speed is fast, suitable for home hospitality, and can entertain more than ten friends at the same time, without the embarrassment of making tea too late.
5. For the office's own use, the outer cup can be used as a drinking cup, and when entertaining guests, the outer cup can be used as a public cup.
6. It is easy to travel and carry, as long as you bring this tea set, you can enjoy the pleasure of drinking tea in everything. (PC tea group, the whole group cannot be broken).
7. The elegant cup of tea group does not inhale peculiar smell, and can keep the original tea fragrance.
8. It is easy to clean, and it is very convenient to take out the tea dregs. As long as the inner cup is poured down, the tea dregs will fall out, then pour in water and shake, and then pour it out to clean.
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